About me

My name is Sanil Chitrakar a Nepali origin currently living in San Francisco, California. I was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. Art has always been my favorite hobby since my early childhood. I used to spend a lot of my time at home drawing, painting and doing other DIY stuff.

When I was 32 years old I became a father. And having my child was the biggest turning point of my life. After my daughter came to my life I made some big changes in my lifestyle. As I started babysitting I started spending less time on my restaurant and more time at my home. As we all know infants spend most of their time sleeping I had so much free time with me. At that moment I decided to give all of my free time to art.

From that point on (late 2015) i started to draw everyday for at least 5 to 8 hrs. Buying as many art supplies as I could just to try out which one works best for me. I guess finding the right art materials is one of the hardest initial step for every self-taught artist. Then I started drawing my favorite celebrities and shared those drawing on my various social handles like facebook, instagram, etc. Soon I started gaining a lot of followers on my social handles. Started getting a lot of positive response from those followers which motivated to keep drawing more and more.

Then came the biggest turning point of my amateur art career. On Jan 2017 I posted the time-lapse video of the drawing of the legend footballer Ronaldinho Gaucho on my social handles. To my surprise Ronaldinho himself saw my drawing and posted it on all of his official social handles. His official post went viral on the internet gaining 1.5 million views in just 3 hrs on his facebook. And just like that I became popular internationally overnight. Check out this official post of Ronaldinho Gaucho

Official facebook post by Ronaldo Gaucho on his official Facebook account

since then my art life made a huge turn. Messages, email etc started pouring in like crazy. With the increasing number of followers the commissioned order started piling up. After that there was no turning back. Doing commissioned work for my customer became my full-time job. And from that point on I became a full-time international artist.

On 20th march 2018 I was announced the winner of #MessiArt competition by the man Messi himself on his offical facebook and youtube.

On 20th December 2018 Rowan Atkinson mostly known as Mr. Bean featured my artwork on his official instagram.

During the World Cup season of 2018 my drawing of DeBruyne was handed over to him which was broadcasted on national tv of Belgium. Also was published on various newspapers.

Also during the world cup 2018 I worked on a project with popular newspaper company to create a portrait of all the national football team of Belgium. Which was used to design a special world cup edition magazine. That magazine was sold all over the Belgium.

My interview with Belgium Newspaper.

FC Barcelona goalkeeper Marc Ter Stegen showed his gratitude towards my drawing and thanked me by posting my drawing on his official facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube channels.

My drawing of Paulo Dybala was featured on Fox tv.

An article published about my exhibition on one of the popular newspaper of Nepal.

My original drawing of Robert Lewandowski was signed be the man himself and was given to one of the lucky fans by official bundesliga.

FC Barcelona player Arturo Vidal recognized my drawing and featured it on his official Instagram page.

My drawing recognized by World Cup winner Mesut Ozil on his official instagram.

Italian club Juventus recognized my drawing of Paulo Dybala and was featured on their official instagram page.

My drawing of James Rodriguez featured on official FC Bayern Munich instagram and youtube.

World Cup winner Paul Pogba featured my artwork on his official instagram.

My artwork recognized by espn

My Ballpoint Pen artwork of Messi Suarez and Neymar and Colored pencil drawing of Cristiano Ronaldo featured on Fox Sport.

My project with official FIFA featured on official FIFA facebook.

Some of my artwork of Borussia Dortmund players featured on official Borussia Dortmund channel.

Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada featured my artwork on her official page with a thank you note.

A thank you post from the most popular actress of Nepal Priyanka Karki.

Featured on NBC sport channel.